Trip Reports

These pages are for in-depth guides and descriptions of the incredible mountains and lakes I’ve climbed and hiked to.. Full of stories and great pictures as well as links to full 360° panoramic images of high elevation views, letting the reader immerse him or herself into the true beauty of the intense mountain scenery.

To view the list of trip reports, roll over stories and click on trip reports.

About ace193

Call me a life-long learner at the mere age of 18. I have a ton of hobbies, but it's barely enough to keep my mind from boredom. Snowboarding, wakeboarding, tubing, browsing the internet(intelligently :P), making money, photography, shooting, airsoft, hiking, and soon to be full on mountaineering and climbing. I was raised in the tiniest little town with 200 residents! But it's in the middle of the beautiful Rocky Mountains- can't complain about that! I am soon to be off to college for engineering in Bozeman, Montana.
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