An Introduction

Hello, my name is Jacob Smith. Shortly after I turned 18, I truly discovered the mountains that had been around me my entire life. Now I am approaching the harsh and beautiful world of the outdoors and mountaineering with such enthusiasm that I wish to share with viewers the discoveries I make along the way.

My blog is dedicated to all the things at the top of this page with focus on gear reviews (I plan on sharing every detail of my entire collection of equipment,) trip reports, good stories, a wide variety of techniques with deep explanation and good video, and all of those little tricks you have to ask the fellow outdoorsman to find out.

I hope my readers will enjoy the information I am dedicated to sharing. New mountaineers, backpackers, and nature enthusiasts just delving into the intimidatingly technical realm of making it outdoors need to have the right information on their side. I wish to provide a basis of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to make it in the wild.

If you like what you see, please subscribe. And if you find my information to be incorrect, don’t be shy to make a comment about it. You will only make this world a better place by asking questions and challenging the opinion of others. I am all ears. And if there is a burning question that has left you indecisive, just send me a request for an article on that topic, and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

Thanks for reading,


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